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Namen:ex: n:hearthfire goblin
Colorc:ex: c:red
Typet:ex: t:artifact
Powerpw:ex: pw:5
Toughnesstn:ex: tn:3
Sets:ex: s:betrayers of kamigawa
Rarityr:ex: r:mythic rare
Artista:ex: a:lindsey look

Can also mix and match any flags together, ex: a:adam rex c:black pw:2 tn:2 s:odyssey

Additionally, you can specify two different logical delimiters to further define searches - the pipe '|' (or) and the comma ',' (and), ex: c:black|red will return cards that are black OR red, and c:black,red will return cards that are black AND red.

If no flag is provided, search defaults to by card name.

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